Categories of the Dead

The Escape

From the narrative perspective.

Our story starts shortly after mid day, on Strunmahdas 13th of ____, as the prisoners finally are coming to. They wake to a sweltering desert heat as their senses are overcome with a pleathera of sounds and scents of death, decay, torturer, victory and defeat. As their vision fades in they hear bones breaking, people cheering, steel clashing, and grown men screaming for their life. Before them stands a talk orc with a mocking, snide grin, wearing only a loin cloth and an amulet made of bone with a ruby held with in. He taunts them briefly before leaving them with a gloating chuckle.

As the first couple hours pass, you see our spot-lighted stars waiting out time caged like wild animals. Two of them, Mitilda: Priest of Rathsmir, and Arken: Priest of Yibb Tstll, are praying quite fanatically. The third, being in the cell, is a very pale skinned orc, named Golgrin, sitting very frustratingly, as his attempt to nab a pair of keys with his grappling hook. This is proceeded by a short stint with a dwarf sharing a cell with a rather elderly looking monkey folk Not long after the guards of the Bloodhalls come to bring the trio to the Colosseum.

As the guard unlocks the door to their cell, Golgrin grabs his might hammer, taking a mighty swing at the guard caving his head. it was at his point they started their escape, grabbing keys from the guards unlocking the cell of the dwarf and the monkey, and making their exit. They hack and smash their way through a couple more tropes of guards before making it outside into the still bright sunlight of the desert town of Beggar’s Borrow. With their escape they head out towards the market district in search of food.



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