Categories of the Dead

Safari Time

The Narrative

Picking up from where we left the rest of the wacky cast behind, we start back in the tavern just before things get interesting… I’ll set the scene for ya. We have Arken and Mitilda sitting at the bar drinking a brew, one more watered down than the other, when an arrow goes fling by just missing Arken’s pint. Looking back we spy our monkey in a wager with the locals, except this time its double or nothing. Another shot is taken hitting the pint, flying out of his hand, shortly proceeded by a bar brawl. In the midst of the chaos the three Arken, Mitilda, and Tumbili flee the Steaming Tankard, with hopes of leaving The Borrow in the dust. Our odd group of miscreants run off to the Northeast gate. In the route to “freedom” they happen upon guards asking about the escaped “prisoners,” who get asked themselves, though with cleaver word play they manage to slide under the radar. In a bit of discus though they are not allowed through the gate, but could you really expect our intrepid trio to be stopped so easily? They proceed north along the wall, as it circles the city, till they have no more line of sight of the guards. Using a rope they scale the walls. climbing over though the climb down was not so good, with a the “Priests” falling almost at the end of the rope. We follow them for a few hours as they travel through the desert to the savanna in to the morning before setting up camp in the early early morning.



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