Categories of the Dead

Safari Time
The Narrative

Picking up from where we left the rest of the wacky cast behind, we start back in the tavern just before things get interesting… I’ll set the scene for ya. We have Arken and Mitilda sitting at the bar drinking a brew, one more watered down than the other, when an arrow goes fling by just missing Arken’s pint. Looking back we spy our monkey in a wager with the locals, except this time its double or nothing. Another shot is taken hitting the pint, flying out of his hand, shortly proceeded by a bar brawl. In the midst of the chaos the three Arken, Mitilda, and Tumbili flee the Steaming Tankard, with hopes of leaving The Borrow in the dust. Our odd group of miscreants run off to the Northeast gate. In the route to “freedom” they happen upon guards asking about the escaped “prisoners,” who get asked themselves, though with cleaver word play they manage to slide under the radar. In a bit of discus though they are not allowed through the gate, but could you really expect our intrepid trio to be stopped so easily? They proceed north along the wall, as it circles the city, till they have no more line of sight of the guards. Using a rope they scale the walls. climbing over though the climb down was not so good, with a the “Priests” falling almost at the end of the rope. We follow them for a few hours as they travel through the desert to the savanna in to the morning before setting up camp in the early early morning.

The Map and its Maker
The Narrative

Golgrin spits off from the the other two after a quick snack and a strong brew. He got directions from one of the inns folk in the Steaming Tankard as to where the local map scribe’s shop is. Heading his way up north through the market he spy’s his shop cart, but its vacant and unattended. Spotted, is a set of drag marks along with two sets of tracks. Following, he finds his way into a dark shadowy alley way, where the drag markings seem to…just disappear… Deeper he treks into the shadows, he is confronted by two bandits, advising him to leave. With a show of brutish strength and intimidation, Gol forces them to him the secret entrance to where the map maker is kept.

In the hideout he has a couple minor, bloody, inconviences before finding his way to the back of the hideout. In the confines of the back room there are three cages, two empty and one holds a beggar within its confines. There are no guards present watching the cell, but the sound of voices can be heard through the closed door to his right. Upon further investigation he learns that they have his man of importance held captive, and make a final threat on his life if a debt is not paid in full with in a couple days. Golgrin steps in proclaiming the man as his uncle, demanding they release him. Not happy that he wants to get in the way of “business” they attack, forcing him to lash back at them as they release his uncle. He sprints by Golgrin, and Gol follows hastily behind, breaking the door handles so they cannot follow in hot pursuit. Before he leaves the hideout, he bars a door closed, pushing a table against it then proceeds to ignite the said table with a torch from a nearby sconce. Catching up with his “uncle” he is givin’ a map in return for freeing him from his captors and his debt, though he makes sure to point out that the map has some false information on it as that was his way, or ploy he enjoyed.

Now that he had a map he returned briefly to those he shared his cell with to show them the map, to help them escape with out his assistance. As he came to the entrance of the tavern though he noticed a wanted sign for all the escaped prisoners which gave him the idea to split as to exit the town to draw less attention. With that he headed towards the west gate, watching pompously as smoke billowed out from the alley. before turning the corner and exiting the city for what he hopes is the first and last time. Much to his shocked sight he eyes his “uncle” laying on the cooling desert sands surrounded by three more bandits, intent on getting what he owes. After he fells one the others run, scared for their lives, not to mention the vocalization of their home being lit ablaze.

The two travel along a poorly marked path for a few hours before happening upon a trade caravan of gypsys. The duo spent the night with them resting, healing, and listening to stories by fire light before hitting the rolls for the night. With the day before so eventful they are actually quite lucky and have a pretty quite and sound trip through the desert over the next two days, before they reach the town of Urnack. Golgrin and Uncle part ways at this point, Uncle heading north and Golgrin headed to the Inn and Tavern to rest and grab a bite. Just after finishing his grub he hears screams of terror from the direction he entered this quaint town. choosing to investigate he comes to learn that an unwanted, familiar, figure has killed a few of the gypsy that gave him company through the long desert days. The orc from just days before that had mocked him and taunted him and his “cell mates” stands tall over a corpse as he rips a spear from the fallen. It was hard to tell who threw the first “stone” but i fight ensued as a result. as blows are exchanged Golgrin catches a shinny glint in the distance, closing the gap with amazing speed. Just as he can make out the figure drives a devastating blow deep in Golgrin, falling with vision fading, the last thing he sees is a sword making a giant gash in his foe. Not seconds later he starts to feel returning warmth, coming back to the light of the world as the armored mystery man retracts his and. The two of them make quick work of this enemy with the final blow displacing his head. After words are exchanged we learn the learn our armored figure is Sir Osrik, knight of Baldr. In less than an hours time the two meet up at the tavern.

Tumbili: Hunter's Journal 1

Tumbili was captured, but no cage can hold Tumbili, for he is the hunter not the hunted!The fancy man tried to give the guard a quest, nut the guard was already on a quest so Tumbili climbed the wall of the city. After walking through the desert for one fallen sky fruit Tumbili discovered a strange tree called a cactus. Tumbili defeated the cactus and took its water. Then Tumbili dueled the spotted cat that runs fast, the fancy man slowed it down with a net and Tumbili took it down with his mighty spear. Tumbili turned the cat into a cape and now Tumili has gained its power to run fast. The next fallen sky fruit two spotted dogs tried to steal Tumbili’s food, so Tumbili killed one with arrows. The brave short man killed the other spotted dog. Tumbili took a spotted dog head to cover his hanging fruit. Tumbili also killed some walking dogs with many arrows a couple of fallen sky fruits later. Tumbili took one of their heads to cover his head. Now Tumbili is in drinking hut with shiny metal man.

The Escape
From the narrative perspective.

Our story starts shortly after mid day, on Strunmahdas 13th of ____, as the prisoners finally are coming to. They wake to a sweltering desert heat as their senses are overcome with a pleathera of sounds and scents of death, decay, torturer, victory and defeat. As their vision fades in they hear bones breaking, people cheering, steel clashing, and grown men screaming for their life. Before them stands a talk orc with a mocking, snide grin, wearing only a loin cloth and an amulet made of bone with a ruby held with in. He taunts them briefly before leaving them with a gloating chuckle.

As the first couple hours pass, you see our spot-lighted stars waiting out time caged like wild animals. Two of them, Mitilda: Priest of Rathsmir, and Arken: Priest of Yibb Tstll, are praying quite fanatically. The third, being in the cell, is a very pale skinned orc, named Golgrin, sitting very frustratingly, as his attempt to nab a pair of keys with his grappling hook. This is proceeded by a short stint with a dwarf sharing a cell with a rather elderly looking monkey folk Not long after the guards of the Bloodhalls come to bring the trio to the Colosseum.

As the guard unlocks the door to their cell, Golgrin grabs his might hammer, taking a mighty swing at the guard caving his head. it was at his point they started their escape, grabbing keys from the guards unlocking the cell of the dwarf and the monkey, and making their exit. They hack and smash their way through a couple more tropes of guards before making it outside into the still bright sunlight of the desert town of Beggar’s Borrow. With their escape they head out towards the market district in search of food.


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